Thursday, March 3, 2011


Words of Wisdom:Regenopause

Barbara Marx Hubbard: from a transcript of a talk. (

As women experience menopause, anticipating decades of fruitful years ahead, the realization dawns that they are entering the greatest period of freedom and creativity in their lives. The opportunity to give birth to their authentic feminine self opens, and often, new work in and for the world presents itself.

We call this new phase of life Regenopause… a pause in the life cycle of the older woman when the possibility of remaking herself by choosing from her deepest impulse becomes evident.

As our bodies age, creativity and spirituality awaken. A dynamic motivation arises to move toward regeneration and renewal, to develop new vitality, and to contribute to the greater whole. As female bodies are capable of transformation to give birth to the child, they are capable of this later transformation as women give birth to their essential selves, and extend their life span, education, and creativity.

It has been suggested that there is a cellular potential that is activated when women get vocationally aroused and say YES to their life purpose. Perhaps women are triggering new hormones through their passion to express and create that releases dormant potentials within them.

Perhaps there is a deeper plan or design, that is arising in us all at this moment in time when the planetary system is in crisis and need. Perhaps, to make this design visible, we have to work together in a way that women throughout history have done in times of emergency. Perhaps women are called to draw upon our biological instincts to love our children as ourselves, to truly move together toward solutions for the whole human family.

The power of nature itself would be behind such a movement, and the best of the men would not resent this power, but realize whole-heartedly that a partnership model is desperately needed to move ahead in times such as ours. Women entering Regenopause would become a vital resource to connect the larger human family, and to act as models and mentors for women with less experience called to this purpose.

Younger women may well live over 100 years, and have few or no children. This is an entirely new situation for humanity. Imagine our young women realizing early in their lives that their deepest purpose, whether they have children or not, whether they marry or not, is to give birth to their own essential selves and their expression in the world. As essence meets essence, as women develop true connections with each other, the wisdom and experience of older women working with the energy of the young would unleash a vast evolutionary potential for lasting change into the world.

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