Monday, July 5, 2010

Sophia's Journal

I can’t keep quiet any longer. Linda has been struggling to find something to say about our friendship for years. Although I know it’s not easy I think it’s about time. She’s not getting any younger.

It’s not easy to write about our communications because the are not spoken out loud or written down. They don’t follow a linear cause and effect, pattern. The first clue that we are in-touch across worlds is an overwhelming sense of meaningfulness. Our words are feelings and sensations: a ringing in the ears, the chirp of a bird, violent storms and gentle breezes. Our interactions are not a one-way thing, I’m not some off-planet entity, I Am the planet, the earth is my body. My wisdom is in my body, everywhere around and about you. All it takes is a collective shift in perspective.

Linda is not purporting to “channel” me, she is very clear about this. I think that’s one reason she’s kept quiet so long. So let’s be clear I have my own voice and she hers. The Story of Sophia that Linda posted below (December 31 2009) doesn’t really have much to do with who I really am.

The Revealers of my story are called Gnostics. Although it is about me, Sophia, it mostly describes the actual experience of groups of women and men. A momentary shift in perspective which gave them a vision of their origins and potential as a species. The story describes the first realization of a species consciousness.

An experience of great significance. Awesome. In their attempts to describe and teach, the Knowers told stories, danced, sang, made love, and eventually created a picture with words of my break with the father god and my alignment with the Earth. I chose to leave the off-planet control center and alignment self with you all. I make mistakes. And according to the Gnostic Story, humanity has deviated from its course. We are in this together.

Linda’s Journal

I’ve known Sophia since I was a child. I didn’t have a name for her then. Our relationship started out with a sense that the universe was a safe place and that I was being watched over by a loving being and I loved her back. As my intellect developed I began to call her Sophia and declared myself her lover, philo-sophia. She is an illusive lover, a shift-shaping seductress.

In my search for her I read about Goddesses and Archetypes. I studied the work of Marija Gimbutas with a sense of awe. Getting closer. But I wanted a story, the story of Sophia. I studied esoteric christianity. I was looking for words that resonated with my own experiences. I read a lot of books about Sophia. But my very favorite is Not In His Image by John Lash.

Mostly I find Sophia now in my garden. It’s that time of year. And soon I’ll catch glimpses of her at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival.

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